Why Weather?


Weather matters. You may be a small-scale farmer making critical decisions for your land based on a weather forecast, a researcher using weather patterns to identify where to grow certain crops or the risk of specific varietal production or a policy maker guiding national policy with weather information; regardless localized weather data plays a crucial and growing role in agricultural development across the agricultural value chain.

A recent report released by the World Bank, Turn Down the Heat, Climate Extremes, Regional Impacts, and the Case for Resilience, explores current and future outlooks for climate change in sub-Saharan Africa and South and Southeast Asia. These regions are expected to be disproportionally affected by climate change due to a combination of extreme weather events and already vulnerable populations. The report highlights extreme heat and changes in rainfall patterns as some of the key findings; these changes will significantly affect agricultural practices in these regions. Armed with localized weather information, farmers, extension workers, researchers and policy makers can make informed decisions, which can mean the difference between food security and hunger for many small-scale farmers in these regions.

aWhere’s weather module offers free, localized weather data for areas of Western, Eastern and Southern Africa and South Asia. Take a look at some unique ways organizations are using the platform:

  • Developing bio-climatic indicators showing the impact of weather on farmer’s food security and economic development
  • Simulating crop growth models in areas where weather stations are not available
  • As guidelines for establishing new field trial locations
  • Mapping yields of various crops with respect to weather – and production risks between years/seasons
  • Comparing weather data to prevailing climate records to better understand climate patterns
  • Utilizing weather data as part of early warning systems, or to predict the occurrence of climate-driven events

Why Weather?

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