Where in the World is aWhere?


Where in the World is aWhere?

New Partners, Problem Solvers, and Other Fall Happenings

This fall has been a season of hustle and bustle for aWhere, with staff traveling from Canada to Korea to Kenya, Indonesia, and Malaysia for the purpose of meeting with partners old and new, and help equip their farmers with the right data to produce more food for our growing population.

Here are some highlights from our fall activities.

Ag Innovation Showcase, St. Louis, MO USA

This September, aWhere was invited to present at the Ag Innovation Showcase in St. Louis MO, USA. Our CEO, John Corbett, presented a 10-minute pitch on why aWhere’s agricultural intelligence is so critical to the success of farmers and agricultural value chains worldwide, from sophisticated commercial farming operations to rural small holder cooperatives. Farm Industry News described the Showcase as, “Shark Tank for agricultural entrepreneurs.”


World’s Greatest Problem Solvers, Boulder, CO USA

In early November, John Corbett had the honor of representing aWhere and presenting at the 2014 World’s Greatest Problem Solver’s Conference in Boulder, CO. The conference brought together some of the world’s great thinkers to overcome many of our greatest challenges. This year focused on taking a deeper look at the IoT and its effect on global issues like cyber security, energy, water, and agriculture. John was asked to present on the topic of Threats to Food Security, specifically addressing the problem of access to safe, nutritious, and affordable food being on the decline in too many global markets. Also addressing this problem was Gary Atkinson of ARM and Chris Hansen of IHS.


BBC World News Lead Anchor, Katty Kay, facilitates conversation with international guests and founders of JumpStart Academy.

International Conference on Gamos Alliance, Jeju, Korea

In late November, aWhere Data Analyst, Courtney Cohen, represented aWhere and the Rocky Mountain Consortium for Global Development in Jeju, Korea, at the International Conference on Weather/Climate Modeling and Remote Sensing Applications for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security. The goal of the conference was to bring experts in weather and climate modeling, remote sensing, agro meteorology, agriculture and IT to explore how to use these technologies for agricultural applications. The conference aimed to establish a possible GAMOS alliance for sustainable agriculture and food security solutions.


Agri Innovation Forum, Winnepeg, Canada

November 18-19, aWhere’s Senior VP of Product Strategy, Jim Pollock, presented at the Agri Innovation Forum in Winnepeg, Canada. Jim presented on agricultural intelligence and how aWhere generates and delivers Smart Content to business customers who can then package that data into actionable field-level insight directly to their farmers.


The Agri Innovation Forum was held at the historic Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg.

The Agri Innovation Forum is dedicated to showcasing the highest potential emerging, growth stage, and established agri-businesses in North America. Agricultural entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to collaborate directly with corporate leaders and investors throughout North America.


Presentation by Dave Smardon, CEO of Amity Tech, presents a Fascinating timeline of US wheat productivity.

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