When Agriculture Meets Education: SNV and the Home-Grown School Feeding Program


In the heart of Central Kenya, smallholder farmers in Laikipia County are keeping thousands of children fed through the SNV Home-Grown School Feeding Program.

In partnership with the Ministry of Education, local smallholder farmers sell their produce to schools as a major source of income, while ensuring that local children are provided at least one healthy meal a day.

The project requires multiple stakeholder collaboration, including SNV program staff, the Ministry of Education, participating schools, smallholder cooperatives and production companies. One of the four main objectives of this program includes ensuring effective monitoring, documentation, and reporting to scale up best practices and determine likelihood of replication.

To support this objective, SNV invited aWhere Data Analyst, Hannah Reed, to conduct a training on data management capacity building and aWhere platform use to build an online data management system for Laikipia County schools.

Hannah conducted a three-day workshop, September 29th through October 1st for over 40 teachers and education officers in Nanyuki, Kenya.

During the first two days, training focused primarily on data management best practices, data collection, and providing technical assistance to develop a final questionnaire for use in measuring outcomes for the SNV program. Upon completion of the training, approximately 70% of attendees reported they felt “very confident” in using the data collection tool.


On day three, the workshop focused on data management best practices and use of the aWhere Platform for data analysis. Participants learned how to enter paper questionnaire data into Excel and how to load and analyze overall program data in the aWhere Platform to visualize progress on objectives and determine best practices within their program. Over 95% of participants reported that the lessons on data management best practices were “very helpful.”

Hannah continues to work closely with the SNV team to finalize the questionnaire and ensure it aligns with stakeholder questions and desired program outcomes. The completed Excel templates will be sent to aWhere Professional Services for cleaning and validation before being loaded into the aWhere Platform.

SNV ’s Home-Grown School Feeding Program is a 5-year program that operates in three countries: Kenya, Mali, and Ghana. By the end of the project it is expected that a total of 26,000 smallholder farmers will be contributing to the school feeding program - of which 30% are women farmers.

This is just another example of how innovation and partnership are helping farmers feed the world!


The data collection team of teachers from the first two days of training in front of one of a participating schools.

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