Is aWhere in the Business of Climate Smart Ag?


Many of our customers and partners have asked us if aWhere is in the business of Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA). The short answer is, “Yes and no.” We are in the business of Weather Agile Agriculture™, and our technology contributes to the strategies and requirements of CSA. Let us explain what we mean in the infographic below.



Climate smart agriculture is the research and the definition of requirements needed to positively impact agricultural output over the span of many years and decades in the face of a changing global climate. Weather agile agriculture is the day-to-day, localized execution of broader climate smart agricultural strategies.  Climate smart ag is not something that farmers can readily respond to, as their decisions must be based on field-level production and risk mitigation over the next 90 days or so.

Weather agile ag requires real-time intelligence that recognizes increasing weather variability, and delivers this to farm software providers, international NGOs, and other farmer intermediaries. aWhere’s agricultural intelligence is field-level and actionable for in-season decision making, enabling weather agile agricultural practices. This includes:

  • Daily observed, daily historical and forecast meteorological data at the field-level
  • Analysis and visualization of trends in weather variability
  • Growing Degree Units for crop stage tracking
  • Conditions conducive to pest and disease for early warnings and accurate risk mitigation

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