Four easy ways to manage Global Commodities Risk with Weather and Agronomic Insight


If you are looking to make life easier for yourself, we are always happy to help. To give you a hand, we've compiled a list of four easy ways to manage Global Commodities Risk with Weather and Agronomic Insight:

  • 1. What aWhere does

aWhere uses both weather and agronomic data to provide the best possible insights into when, where, and why a given crop will fail or succeed. aWhere will pinpoint your location-specific data and prepare it for you in a way that is user-friendly, whether you are a farmer, an agricultural retailer, or an investor. 

  • 2. Who aWhere helps

This agricultural intelligence allows aWhere to successfully provide the information needed by the full range of participants in agricultural operations to make critical decisions that allow their businesses to run as smoothly as possible. aWhere utilizes scientific information alongside economic projections to create agronomic success. 

  • 3. What kind of data you can expect 

Weekly reports on sugar and coffee compare weather with yield for specific locations via charts and graphs, as well as analysis of that data in the form of a summary which includes price targets, risk analysis, and follow-ups from previous reports.

  • 4. How aWhere is rising to the challenge

In an article published by the SD Times, aWhere CTO Stewart Collins was quoted summing up the challenges that face modern food production: "We are faced with a challenge of how to increase production globally to feed our population, while at the same time, growers and food producers are being faced with climate change impacts and weather variability." By combining advances in technology with agricultural know-how, aWhere is pioneering a new form of risk management in the agronomic sector. 

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