Connecting with Ag Retailers at the EFC User Conference


Last week, we had the unique opportunity to spend some time with the end-users of one of our customers – EFC Systems – at the EFC Systems user conference in Nashville, Tennessee.  EFC Systems provides a suite of agricultural software products to agricultural retailers and dealers,including FieldAlytics, which incorporates and makes available to end-users aWhere’s Weather Terrain 4 data, as well as Merchant Ag and Vanguard Ag.    

The EFC conference brought together over 185 members of EFC’s loyal user base, spanning from agricultural retailers and dealers to co-ops.  The themes of the conference, as laid out by EFC CEO Ernie Chappell, were to:

  1. continue to stay in tune with growers;
  2. adapt and evolve with the inevitable changes in the agriculture market, such as consolidation, compliance and regulation;
  3. leverage big data, precision agriculture and analytics to impact growers’ bottom lines; and
  4. define a vision for the future of adaptation and evolution – in other words, to be like Uber, rather than Kodak. 

EFC hosted aWhere as one of the key presenters at the conference.  We presented to a room of EFC’s FieldAlytics users outlining the decision-making support made possible by aWhere’s ag-weather insights platform.  At the conclusion of the presentation, FieldAlytics manager Devron VonGunden recognized aWhere for its contribution to EFC’s software.  

During the conference, we also sat with EFC customers and discussed the power of weather analysis with aWhere data.  They explored techniques to go beyond basic weather data analysis, and instead to combine historical weather with other data sources to better predict and, ultimately, provide more forward-looking and economically impactful decisions, ranging from capital investment, to seed and crop selections, among others. 

The conference also afforded an opportunity to connect with other ag-tech players, including MAVRX, Adapt-N and Farmobile and to explore the many ways ag-tech is changing the agriculture landscape.  Finally, the conference featured several keynote speakers, notably including a presentation on cutting edge precision agriculture technologies by John Fulton, Associate Professor at Ohio State, and a presentation by Mark Wascheck, Vice President of Agronomy at Ag 1 Source, who dispelled a few myths about the workforce comprised of GenX'ers and Millennials. 

Overall, this event demonstrated that EFC Systems is a grounded company that both listens and responds to their customers, and has the capability to execute on a vision of becoming a major player in the rapidly evolving agricultural information economy.  aWhere is pleased to continue building on its partnership with EFC and to provide value to their customers via its proprietary weather and agronomic data. 

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