Climate Change Variability Index Predicts Countries that will be Hardest Hit by Climate Change


Last week, Maplecroft’s 2014 Climate Change Vulnerability Index was released, detailing the countries and regions facing the greatest threat from climate change.

To create the 6th annual index, Maplecroft , a global risk analytics company, explored three factors:

  • Exposure to extreme climate-related events: countries were analyzed in terms of their capacity to deal with increases in temperatures and changes in sea levels, which may lead to events such as increased floods, and prolonged droughts
  • Vulnerability of the population: Maplecroft explored population’s dependence on agriculture, health statistics, and education to assess vulnerability to climate change
  • The ability to adapt to climate change: This analysis took into account economic factors, security of natural resources, and governance

It is not surprising to see that the countries dominating the list are located in the developing world, with the highest concentration in Africa and South Asia.

Of the 196 countries analyzed, Bangladesh was ranked #1, followed by Guinea- Bissau, Sierra Leone, Haiti, South Sudan, Nigeria, Congo, Cambodia, Philippines, and Ethiopia. In these countries, populations are vulnerable to shock and the capacity to deal with increased weather variability is low.

“It’s no coincidence that the regions with the direst projections are also the regions where aWhere is offering free access to weather data.” Says CEO Dr. John Corbett “Reports like these solidify the need for increased visibility into the near real-time data in these regions of the world.”

Bangladesh, along with many other countries that found themselves towards the top of the index are included in aWhere’s free weather module, which offers web based, interactive access to highly localized daily weather updates, a 5 year history, and a 10 day forecast for crucial weather variables.

Dr. Corbett reaffirms aWhere’s commitment to provide access to weather data in regions of the world that will be the hardest hit by climate change:

“The aWhere Platform provides a tool for practitioners to visualize data and make evidence-based decisions in resource constrained regions of the developing world. aWhere is committed to supporting global development organizations in their efforts to prepare the world for climate change.”


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