aWhere's billion data points around the world feed hungry Agriculture Intelligence users daily


The agriculture industry is a risky business. The weather forecast can change a crop forecast overnight. Agriculture Intelligence from aWhere is both risk management and ERP software for agribusiness everywhere. Based on over a billion data points around the world, aWhere provides the most comprehensive weather analysis solutions for crop planning and production.

Whether you are involved with crop production or commodities trading, Big Data of agronomics is necessary to optimize your yield. Predicting the effects of sugar production in South America is just as important as growing season conditions in the corn belt. 

Margins are slim for most agribusiness points along the path to market. Capturing the most accurate and timely data boosts your rate of success and improves margins.  Savvy growers and agribusiness professionals are poised for great opportunities in meeting food demands for the exploding world population in approaching decades. But it takes a strong, data-based strategy to achieve full potential. That strategy must balance growth potential and risk management. Both of these factors are dependent on weather-sensitive conditions and environment statistics filtered for agricultural purposes.

Agriculture Intelligence is crucial to every component of food industries. Drought conditions in western Asia may impact a commodities trader in Chicago differently than a farmer in the corn belt, but they both need to know about it. aWhere collects information from over a billion international data points, processes this data for agriculture purposes, and delivers customized Agriculture Intelligence solutions for each unique user at any point throughout the agricultural industry.

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