aWhere Leads Platform Training in Uganda for Climate Change Research


Last week, aWhere Data Analyst, Courtney Cohen, traveled to Kampala, Uganda to work with students involved with the Makerere University Center for Climate Change Research and Innovations (MUCCRI) and other project participants.

Courtney led a training on the Dev aWhere Platform and discussed how the students could increase their data management capacities and maintain high data quality while conducting climate change research.

The Uganda Education and Research to Improve Climate Change Adaptation is a four year USAID activity implemented by FHI360. It is designed to help establish MUCCRI as a recognized national and regional hub of academic, professional development and research excellence in climate science, research, climate adaptation and related disciplines.

The two, full-day trainings were well attended, with nearly 30 students and project participants receiving training. Each day, trainees reviewed data management practices necessary to maintain high data quality, and learned the critical importance of data quality.


Courtney also provided a general overview of aWhere and the Dev aWhere platform. She also trained participants in the three modules - the data library, the data analysis module and the weather module. She also demonstrated the critical functions and features inherent to the platform that help maintain high data quality. Trainees received an in-depth training on how to perform functions such mobile data collection, importing their own data spreadsheets, sharing data, and exporting weather data.

Since the participating students are in the earliest phases of their climate change research, they were excited and eager to learn more about how aWhere’s data management tools can make their project data easier to track, analyze and share results. After the training, Courtney met with students both in person and remotely to discuss study design, data management practices and database structure to ensure their project research is optimized for best results when using our  Platform.


Courtney Cohen, Data Analyst at aWhere, leads training on the Dev aWhere.

Courtney and the aWhere Professional Services team will work closely with each student as their projects evolve, and will provide assistance throughout their studies. We are excited be a part of this climate change research and look forward to a continued partnership with FHI360 and MUCCRI.

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