aWhere Combats Climate Variability for Small Holder Farmers, Expands to Southeast Asia


If you were to step through the offices of aWhere, you would likely hear this phrase at least once:

“Ag drives economies, and weather drives ag.”

We know it’s a rather simplistic view, but we wholeheartedly believe it is true.

Climate and weather variability impacts every aspect of life on this planet, most profoundly, food production. Heat waves, drought, torrential rains and powerful storms all create potential threats for farmers: decreased yields, crop disease, pests, and a host of other issues.

Over a billion people go hungry every day from global food shortage, and by 2050, we will need to find a way to feed a population of approximately 9 billion. Climate variability and growing climate change concerns leave us facing unparalleled food security challenges in the coming decades.

But at aWhere, we believe that access to the right data & analytics technology can transform food security initiatives and agribusiness practices worldwide to feed our growing population.

Through our Platform, the following information can be just as easily accessed by a small holder farmer in a remote, low tech village of a developing country as a large commercial grower:

  • Real time weather forecasts updated daily to drive every day field-level decisions
  • Actionable insight for pest and disease alerts related to weather variability in their specific fields
  • Alerts for optimal seeding and harvest dates based on rainfall, drought, and other weather-related indicators at the hyper-local level
  • Recommendations on crop variety, fertilizer, and other inputs to mitigate risk and ensure highest possible yields

Outside of North America and parts of Western Europe, the application of big data analytics to agriculture like this is virtually non-existent. aWhere knows that much of the world’s food sources are grown outside of these two regions, and seeks to make this technology accessible to underserved markets worldwide. We recently announced the opening of a new aWhere office in Malaysia so that we can expand our operations and target rice and palm oil markets in Southeast Asia.

Our SmartContent Platform is user friendly, and integrates seamlessly into any existing program or budget management tools you already use.

Contact to learn how SmartContent can transform your agribusiness or food security initiatives today.

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