aWhere and SNV: Fall Follow-Up Training in DC



As a follow up to the Nairobi trainings for the SNV Home-Grown School Feeding Program , Client Engagement Manager, Rhiannan Price, and Senior Product Manager, Lauri Harrison, traveled to Washington, DC for a two day follow-up training in late November.

While the Nairobi trainings focused on collection and entry of monitoring data by in-country staff, the DC visit focused on training for US-based staff who oversee indicator management and reporting.

Here are some quick highlights from their trip.

Day One

Day one focused on ongoing training in best practice use of the aWhere platform and trouble-shooting questions for SNV staff responsible for indicator management and program monitoring and evaluation.


Rhiannan helps SNV staff achieve better proficiency and best practice use of the global development platform.


Rhiannan giving a presentation on data quality and data management best practices.

Day 2

Day two focused on helping SNV identify key indicators for monitoring and tracking the success of the Home Grown School Feeding project. Rhiannan and Lauri also discussed future planning for new updates that will be made to the platform in 2015, and received feedback from SNV about what would be most helpful for their program staff.


A whiteboard brainstorm to help SNV identify program indicators.


SNV and Rhiannan (top left) discuss future needs of SNV as aWhere further expands platform features in 2015.

The SNV Home Grown School Feeding Program connects smallholder farmers to structure demand markets (in this case, to local schools in Kenya) as a more sustainable income source. The image below is taken directly from the aWhere platform. It demonstrates the preliminary results from SNV’s monitoring data in Kenya and the number of student beneficiaries in the program by school.


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