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Ugandan Coffee: an aWhere Investigation

Coffee is a critical cash crop in Uganda, and the country is one of the largest producers in the world. Coffee alone accounts for between 20 and 30 percent of foreign exchange earnings and employs an estimated 3.5 million workers. The production for coffee is spread across Uganda, with both Arabica and Robusta varieties in cultivation.

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When Average is Exceptional: India’s Monsoon

India was the subject of chatter in both the agricultural and climatological communities during 2015’s El Niño season, regarding the state of the country’s annual monsoon.  India, a major player in global agriculture markets, had already suffered from a poor monsoon season in 2014, and with the El Niño conditions, it was expected to suffer again in 2015.  As feared, 2015 delivered another disappointing year for rainfall to the sub-continent, resulting in crop failure and suffering in the rural parts of the country.[1]  With bated breath, the 2016 monsoon brought hope to the country for a return to “normal” weather conditions to bring some relief to the ailing agriculture sector, and this time, mother nature delivered.

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Tunisia’s Dry, but How Dry?


Late last month, the Associate Press reported that Tunisians are calling for better policy and assistance, as the small North African country battles drought.  These stories illustrate the need now, more than ever, for data and analytics that can help decision-makers understand the significance and potential impact of the country’s adverse weather.  Fortunately, agricultural intelligence, in the form of localized weather data provided by aWhere, provides insight into the unfolding situation in North Africa.

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Hack4Farming Nairobi 2016: Inspiring Technological Intelligence for Seed Companies

aWhere co-hosted a Hack4Farming event last month in Nairobi, Kenya, as part of its ongoing hackathon series. The hackathon was the second such event held by aWhere in Nairobi, after the inaugural event last October, and was hosted in the Nailab space. Around 60 participants, including developers, mentors, and representatives from seed companies, participated in the event, hosted alongside the African Agricultural Technology Foundation, iHub and IOTA.


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California’s Comeback

Last month, Governor Jerry Brown of California surprised observers by announcing a suspension of California’s state-wide urban water restrictions implemented last year to conserve water as the state continued to battle its multi-year drought.

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Hack4Farming Hyderabad: Partnering with Local Organizations to Support Indian Agriculture

Global agriculture development currently struggles with the significant gaps between the information and technology utilized by its most sophisticated practitioners, and the information and technology utilized by the overwhelming majority of smallholder farmers practicing worldwide.

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