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Weather signals for corn through the summer!  A global view…

As concerns mount that the climate will flip from an El Nino to a La Nina scenario, June’s dryness raised blood pressure and then July’s rains alleviated some of the worst of the fears. Everyday aWhere monitors the agricultural planet to identify where, when, and how deeply weather impacts agriculture.

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An energetic atmosphere and increasingly variable weather

Many people are acutely aware that ‘something is up’ with the increasingly extreme weather events we are reading about and experiencing, but few take the time to examine the underlying fundamentals at work.  Science has shown that the earth’s atmosphere has warmed by about 1°C between 1880 and today.[1] 

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Tracking Sugar and All Agricultural Commodities Production Globally

aWhere, Inc. leverages our 5 arc min (~9km x 9km) global ‘virtual weather station’ database (> 2M daily, current, complete agro-meteorological datasets) to monitor sugar, coffee and all global agriculture/soft commodities with unparalleled spatial and temporal fidelity. 

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Weather Data Contributes to the Ag Value Chain

With the start of the March rains, Kitui, Kenya – a semi-arid location 100km east of Nairobi – is seeing the start of a good season. This is a critical bit of information for all parts of the agricultural value chain.

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