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A Disruptive Time For Agriculture

The promise of Big Data and Emerging Technologies is changing the world around us.  Practically every day the news is filled with stories of the latest breakthroughs, newest algorithms, most powerful computers, and ground-breaking discoveries.  The constant march forward of mankind’s intellectual and technological development is allowing us as a society to routinely do things that would have been the realm of science fiction only a generation ago.  

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The Power of Data Analytics in Agriculture: Crop Suitability Assessments

It’s an indisputable scientific fact that the world’s climate is changing.  Many places on the planet are becoming hotter, while others are becoming colder, wetter, and/or drier.  Storms are becoming more commonplace and more extreme.  As a recent example,  Hurricane Matthew has caused record flooding along both the eastern seaboard and hundreds of miles inland in the United States.[1] Both monumental weather events, like hurricanes, and more subtle systematic changes that are occurring all around us are making agriculture more uncertain and thus more expensive for producers and consumers.  aWhere tackles the uncertainty associated with a changing climate bydeveloping tools and insights to understand what these changes mean for particular crops, and what the agricultural earth might look like in the future, through its crop suitability assessments.

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Fighting Pests and Disease with Big Data Agriculture

Every year, over 25% of the world’s annual output of agricultural goods are ruined or damaged by pests and diseases. Pests typically eat the agricultural goods, rendering them unfit for use. Meanwhile, fungal diseases tend to produce various mycotoxins, many of which are powerful carcinogens, contaminating the agricultural products so that they are unsafe for either human or animal consumption.

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Shoo (White)fly – Predicting the Rise of Pests in India using Weather Data

In 2015, Punjab, India saw the worst outbreak of the whitefly pest in its known history, and pest conditions in 2016 are expected to be just as bad.  Whitefly is a type of sucking insect that can decimate not only cotton plants but many other crops as well, both agricultural (cucurbits, citrus, most vegetables, etc) and woody ornamental.  Many estimate the economic damage these pests cause per year to be between $10 and $100 million dollars.

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Agronomics Weather Index

Across the planet, from the plains of North America to the mountains of Southeast Asia and everywhere in between, farmers have bred crops that thrive in each area uniquely well.  In areas that are dry, farmers have bred for drought tolerance.  For areas that are hot, heat tolerance.  For places with extreme winter, shorter growing seasons. 

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