Ag-met conditions over Brazil’s coffee production area - Nov 28 2018

Ag-met conditions over Brazil’s coffee production area - November 28 2017

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aWhere Coffee Report: Monitoring Brazil - November 14, 2017

Today was an interesting day in the coffee markets with futures prices trading up 1.00 then down -3.00 and closing -0.45.  Record commercial long positions sit counter to record speculative shorts. 

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aWhere Commodity Report: Early season insight into Brazil's coffee crop

Brazil is the world’s largest producer of coffee.  Current global coffee stocks are quite low in producing countries, and though inventories in consuming countries are fine, all eyes are on this growing season, as it has the potential to be of record size. It could be big enough to replenish stocks, but as most coffee market articles now state: it all depends on the weather.  

The report for 10 November 2017 can be found here: aWhere Commodity Report - Brazil Coffee.

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