Hack4Farming Hyderabad: Partnering with Local Organizations to Support Indian Agriculture

Global agriculture development currently struggles with the significant gaps between the information and technology utilized by its most sophisticated practitioners, and the information and technology utilized by the overwhelming majority of smallholder farmers practicing worldwide.

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aWhere's billion data points around the world feed hungry Agriculture Intelligence users daily

The agriculture industry is a risky business. The weather forecast can change a crop forecast overnight. Agriculture Intelligence from aWhere is both risk management and ERP software for agribusiness everywhere. Based on over a billion data points around the world, aWhere provides the most comprehensive weather analysis solutions for crop planning and production.

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Uncharacteristically high rains hurt Assam tea production in India

Authors: Yizhe Xu (Data Analyst) & Drew Marticorena (Agronomic Modeling Scientist)

Assam tea growers are hoping the weather returns to normal in time for harvesting the region’s second flush of tea - which is considered to be the region's most distinctive tea and commands a premium price. 

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Agriculture Intelligence, Information, and Data: Why You Need to Know the Difference

You may see the term agriculture intelligence and confuse the term with agriculture information and agriculture data. All three of the terms refer to the data collected from, around and impacting the agricultural and farming industry.

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