An Innovative Approach to Data Management for International Development


There has been a lot of chatter about innovation following last week’s COIN summit in Denver, Colorado. The summit brought together innovative leaders and entrepreneurs throughout the state who are working towards unique solutions to national and international issues.

aWhere’s CEO Dr. John Corbett and COO Dave Lundberg attended the summit to connect with other innovative leaders and to spread the word about aWhere’s work: the creation of a Location Intelligence Platform to help international development organizations manage their data.

“The amount of information (data) collected by governments, international organizations, even generated through digital means, such as social media, is quickly growing; that data is often in inaccessible formats or even lost” says aWhere COO Dave Lundberg. “The aWhere Platform provides an innovative solution to leverage and harness the power of these data.”

As the idea of open data and big data continue to gain momentum in international development, aWhere is working to perfect a platform which will seamlessly manage these data and allow for real time visualization, analysis, and data sharing across development initiatives.

In addition to the ability to load and analyze your own data, platform users will have access to the aWhere data library. This library will host openly sourced datasets from a range of national governments and international development organizations, as well as provide access to aWhere’s weather module. Data from aWhere’s data library can be integrated into analyses, encouraging collaboration and increasing visibility of development data.

A Data Revolution?

aWhere is part of growing group of organizations dedicated to leveraging data for use in international development. Below are a few resources providing information on data and data accessibility:

Global Pulse: A United Nations initiative, Global Pulse is exploring the use of digital data sources for international development -

The World Bank: The World Bank has embraced the open data philosophy. Here you will find access to WB data sets and tools for visualization -

AidData: Works to increase the transparency and accessibility of data collected for international development -

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