Agriculture Intelligence, Information, and Data: Why You Need to Know the Difference


You may see the term agriculture intelligence and confuse the term with agriculture information and agriculture data. All three of the terms refer to the data collected from, around and impacting the agricultural and farming industry. The big difference is agricultural information data are a "now" analysis and agricultural intelligence is a future analysis. As an example:

  • Agriculture Data: Corn is selling for $8.40 per bushel
  • Agriculture Information: A new corn farm just opened 35 miles away.
  • Agriculture Intelligence: Weather patterns indicate a tough year for growing corn which will result in higher prices at harvest time.

But agriculture intelligence isn't just about price. Using data collected around the world based on weather conditions, social environment, and farming techniques can give you an insight into other areas of agriculture as well. The more points of data collected, the more confident your intelligence. Some areas where agriculture intelligence can give you a better look forward are:

  • Pricing
  • Crop yield
  • The best time to plant 
  • The best time to harvest crops

Agriculture intelligence does not gather every little piece of information. It is the gathering of specialized pieces of information that can then be used by farms, corporations, and even world governments to formulate plans around their agricultural business and take appropriate action based on that information.

This is a very high level overview of what agriculture intelligence can do for you. If you would like more information or you have questions about how this type of information would benefit your company, please contact us. We would be happy to evaluate your needs and answer your questions.

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