A Year in Review: Confronting Climate Change and Innovations for Agriculture


2013 was a big year for agriculture. Global discussions have shifted due to the realities of climate change, which are already impacting small scale farmers throughout the world. Innovative solutions to drive agricultural intensification and to support small scale farmers in their efforts to keep up with a growing population are in high demand.

The aWhere team was busy in 2013 growing the Platform’s ability to provide data management in support of agricultural development. This year, we’ve seen significant improvements to Platform features, the creation of new climate-smart content, and exciting new partnerships.

But perhaps the most important work has been happening behind the scenes. The aWhere team has been working hard to hit the ground running in 2014 with the market launch of aWhere 2.0. With a focus on creating data management and delivery systems which support small scale farmers in their ability to cope with climate change, aWhere 2.0 is a full Platform update. The Platform features user-friendly tools to manage data, collaborate with others, and act on evidence-based decisions. More details on aWhere 2.0 will be released in January, 2014.

2013 Highlights

  • aWhere’s growing weather database has seen significant improvements throughout the year, including the addition of weather alerts, the expansion of geographic coverage to include Central America and Mexico, and improvements to rainfall and forecast data. Increased marketing has led to a diverse and growing user community of development practitioners who utilize the free, interactive web-based tool to monitor local weather for a variety of development initiatives
  • A partnership with Colorado State University has led to the integration of satellite derived precipitation data into the aWhere Platform. These data signify a significant improvement to the aWhere Platform and have better spatial and temporal resolution than existing sources
  • Travel to key conferences and events has increased our visibility and reach and has led to exciting new opportunities to fuel global development efforts through location intelligent data management

Below shows 2013 aWhere Platform Weather Analyses. Analyses done in the America’s are mostly by subscription based users; Africa and South America are free community edition users.

A Year in Review: Confronting Climate Change and Innovations for Agriculture

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