Despite Rise in AgTech, The Farmer Still Knows Best

Data and advanced agronomic modeling have significantly impacted the decision making processes of farmers around the world. But each morning, it is the farmer that must make the final decisions for their fields and the farmer that lives with the consequences of those decisions. No one - not the trusted ag retailer, the weather advisor, nor the mobile data portal - can possibly know the final criteria the farmer will use to make their operational decisions.  

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India's Southwest Monsoon and the Risk to Commodities

In anticipation of this year’s Southwest Monsoon in India, many agricultural commodity risk managers are closely tracking the daily weather forecasts. Now that we are in the second week of June and the onset is slightly behind the “normal” schedule, there is a heightened level of uncertainty.

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Agronomic and Weather Data: A Value Chain Impact

We talk about agricultural weather a lot around here, and how it can impact NGOs, mobile app providers, farm software management companies and commercial growers.

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El Nino Vs. Sugarcane: Good or Bad News for Commodities Sector?

With all of the recent news of a depressed market in the commodity sector, agricultural commodity analysts have been presented with a cause for concern as three major meteorological agencies (Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology, NOAA and the Japan Meteorological Agency) all confirmed that the El Nino that has been in a weak phase for the better part of the past year is finally showing signs of strengthening. 

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Climate Change Research in Uganda: A Follow Up Training

Last September, aWhere Data Analyst, Courtney Cohen, traveled to Kampala, Uganda to conduct a Dev aWhere training for students involved with the Makerere University Center for Climate Change Research and Innovations (MUCCRI) and other project participants. In April, Courtney and Rhiannan Price returned to Kampala to conduct a 2 day refresher training for 24 participants, including doctoral, graduate and undergraduate students, MUCCRI staff, and researchers from partner organizations.

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Is aWhere in the Business of Climate Smart Ag?

Many of our customers and partners have asked us if aWhere is in the business of Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA). The short answer is, “Yes and no.” We are in the business of Weather Agile Agriculture™, and our technology contributes to the strategies and requirements of CSA. Let us explain what we mean in the infographic below.

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