Blog 180128.pngCurrent coffee production conditions in Brazil appear to have some contradictory messages.  Yes, it is drier than normal.  Yes, some areas have experienced some short periods of water stress – and there are a few areas that seriously need some rainfall to maintain healthy production.   But ‘drier than normal’ conditions does not equate to drought stress as current conditions, though drier than normal, can still have sufficient moisture to maintain plant health.  Check out the recent aWhere Commodity Watch – Coffee Production Conditions, Brazil, end January 2018.

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aWhere Coffee Report: Monitoring Brazil - December 13, 2017

aWhere is pleased to provide a mid-December perspective on the current Brazil coffee crop. Dryness that had started to cause concern has pretty much disappeared and most of Brazil’s production areas have received ample rainfall. One small caution worth watching… Last year’s harvest was smaller than expected due in part to dry conditions in January and again in late February and March. In addition, there was more damage than expected from coffee borer.  Insect pests can multiply incredibly quickly and with this season’s anticipated big harvest (~60M bags is now a common target), no weather aberrations or significant insect damage can occur to reach that target.

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Brazil Coffee Update: December 1, 2017

There are a couple of developments related to Brazil's coffee crop that are worth sharing: Forecast accuracy, changing weather (comparison to normal is simply odd), and today’s forecast (there is a whopping large amount of rain).

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Ag-met conditions over Brazil’s coffee production area - Nov 28 2018

Ag-met conditions over Brazil’s coffee production area - November 28 2017

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aWhere Coffee Report: Monitoring Brazil - November 14, 2017

Today was an interesting day in the coffee markets with futures prices trading up 1.00 then down -3.00 and closing -0.45.  Record commercial long positions sit counter to record speculative shorts. 

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