Weather signals for corn through the summer!  A global view…

As concerns mount that the climate will flip from an El Nino to a La Nina scenario, June’s dryness raised blood pressure and then July’s rains alleviated some of the worst of the fears. Everyday aWhere monitors the agricultural planet to identify where, when, and how deeply weather impacts agriculture.

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Fighting Pests and Disease with Big Data Agriculture

Every year, over 25% of the world’s annual output of agricultural goods are ruined or damaged by pests and diseases. Pests typically eat the agricultural goods, rendering them unfit for use. Meanwhile, fungal diseases tend to produce various mycotoxins, many of which are powerful carcinogens, contaminating the agricultural products so that they are unsafe for either human or animal consumption.

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An energetic atmosphere and increasingly variable weather

Many people are acutely aware that ‘something is up’ with the increasingly extreme weather events we are reading about and experiencing, but few take the time to examine the underlying fundamentals at work.  Science has shown that the earth’s atmosphere has warmed by about 1°C between 1880 and today.[1] 

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Connecting with Ag Retailers at the EFC User Conference

Last week, we had the unique opportunity to spend some time with the end-users of one of our customers – EFC Systems – at the EFC Systems user conference in Nashville, Tennessee.  EFC Systems provides a suite of agricultural software products to agricultural retailers and dealers,

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Shoo (White)fly – Predicting the Rise of Pests in India using Weather Data

In 2015, Punjab, India saw the worst outbreak of the whitefly pest in its known history, and pest conditions in 2016 are expected to be just as bad.  Whitefly is a type of sucking insect that can decimate not only cotton plants but many other crops as well, both agricultural (cucurbits, citrus, most vegetables, etc) and woody ornamental.  Many estimate the economic damage these pests cause per year to be between $10 and $100 million dollars.

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California’s Comeback

Last month, Governor Jerry Brown of California surprised observers by announcing a suspension of California’s state-wide urban water restrictions implemented last year to conserve water as the state continued to battle its multi-year drought.

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